Keep the control room up to date with the best-in-class visual display technology

Control Room Display Solutions

For many years, control rooms have acted as critical information hubs for various organizations around the globe. A crucial element of any properly-functioning control room is the latest in display technology.

In order to monitor multiple information streams efficiently decision makers must be equipped with clear information, and display technology that features the industry’s best picture quality, reliability and operational efficiency can make all the difference.

  • Image uniformity and picture quality
  • Reliability
  • Operational excellency
Control Room Display Solutions
Control Room Display Solutions

What We offers

Uniconnect Systems‘ comprehensive line-up of professional displays is built for the control room.

From large-scale LED signage and video walls visible to the entire room to QLED 8K Signage that shows incredible details and even ultra-wide, high-resolution monitors, teams will have the technology to get the job done.

  • LED Signage: Our large-scale indoor LED display options, including The Wall and IF series, ensure optimal and uninterrupted picture quality for indoor environments while enabling reliable and efficient operations.
  • Video Wall: With extremely narrow bezels, Samsung’s video walls are a versatile solution to create a seamless viewing experience and reliably deliver dynamic information around the clock in a variety of formats.
  • Calibration Solutions: Our leading calibration tools, Color Expert LED and Color Expert Pro, ensure displays are showcasing color and visuals exactly as intended.
  • QLED 8K Signage: An innovative breakthrough in display technology, Samsung’s QLED 8K signage delivers an unmatched, crystal-clear picture with AI upscaling technology, ensuring all content is showcased in 8K resolution.
  • Crystal UHD Signage: Our UHD signage is premium-grade displays with exceptional picture quality that feature high brightness and non-glare panels allowing for a clear picture regardless of ambient light.
  • Business Monitor: Our monitors offer a wider workspace without sacrificing picture quality and reduce distractions to sustain and capture team members’ full attention during work time.


Are you ready to experience an easy and effective Control Room Display Solutions?

The Wall

The Wall is the ultimate centerpiece of any control room, offering industry leading picture quality and long-lasting quality to meet the demands of any control room environment.

IWJ series

  • Pristine black & color expression: The Wall supports every control room builds its display walls as intended. The fusion of an exceptionally black base with specialized Black Seal technology, delivers deep black levels for intensecontrast and immaculate detail. Ultra Chroma technology produces vibrant and natural colors.
  • Pin-sharp clarity in every scene: Boasting the industry’s best picture quality engine, The Wall utilizes advanced HDR picture refi nement technologies – LED HDR, HDR10+ support and Multi-link HDR – rendering optimum peak brightness and contrast in every single scene for precise, true-to-life imagery.
  • Total display solution: The Wall is not just a screen but provides a total display solution for control rooms. Requiring nothing more than a mobile phone and a Wi-Fi connection, calibration can be done instantly. Front access to critical signage components ensures a tidy activation free of catwalk space.
  • Operational safeguards: The Wall features multiple operational safeguards intended to minimize screen failures including off board hot swap power supply and power/signal redundancy. These redundant systems help to ensure content interruptions are reduced as much as possible, keeping your message front and center.
Control Room Display Solutions
Control Room Display Solutions

LED Signage

Large-scale indoor LED display options from Samsung provide a perfect view of critical information and guaranteed performance to keep the control room operational at all times.

IFR / IFJ series

  • Best-in-class LED picture quality: Samsung’s IF series ensures optimal and uninterrupted picture quality for precise information in control room environments. IF series provides best-in-class picture quality for LED, producing images with exact color expression, reduced noise and a full range of grays and blacks.
  • Clearly refined visuals: Utilizing a propriety algorithm, LED HDR creates true-to-life images, turning any content into HDR-level quality without requiring any special metadata. The IF series supports HDR10+ which optimizes brightness and contrast ratio scene-by-scene to ensure each frame looks exactly as intended.
  • Seamless, smooth content playback: Frame rate synchronization guarantees smooth content playback without screen tearing when multiple S-boxes are connected even when combining or splitting content across cabinets. In addition, requiring nothing more than a mobile phone and a Wi-Fi connection, calibration can be done instantly.
  • Easy and efficient installation: To provide more flexibility in design, IFR series features two cabinet types. One, a larger and lighter version compared to conventional cabinets to simplify installation, and the other about a quarter of that size to create displays of varying dimensions.

Video wall

A video wall is often at the heart of a control room, providing clear visibility for efficient monitoring and maintenance. Our video walls offer optimal brightness and long-lasting performance in any environment.

Control Room Display Solutions
Control Room Display Solutions

Calibration solution

Powerful calibration tools to optimize picture quality: Leading calibration tools – Color Expert LED and Color Expert Pro – offer full criteria on color calibration. Mobile calibration also offers a simplified tuning process and uniformity down to the pixel-level, meaning visuals are presented exactly as intended.

  • Pixel-level tuning
  • Automatic calibration
  • Enhanced picture quality
  • Convenient refinement

QLED 8K Signage

Capturing all the subtle differences: QLED 8K Signage delivers extremely accurate imagery ensuring control room staff are seeing all the details they need to on one, uniform screen, in the highest resolution.

QPR-8K series

  • Incredible 8K resolution: QLED 8K Signage offers super high resolution with more than 33 million pixels, 4 times higher than 4K UHD content and 16 times higher than FHD. With AI-powered upscaling, control room staff are able to recognize precise detail even in low resolution.
  • Purest color accuracy to-date: QLED technology ensures the delivery of 100% color volume, based on over a billion colors. Together with a peak brightness of 4,000 nits and 8K resolution, scenes appear more dynamic and impactful, bringing every detail to life in total clarity.
Control Room Display Solutions
Control Room Display Solutions

Crystal UHD Signage

Clear delivery of critical information: Crystal UHD Signage delivers crystal clear picture, keeping control room staffs from missing any detailed information in critical scenarios.

QHR / QMR / QMN / QBR series

  • Real 4K resolution: UHD Signage showcases intricate details thanks to 4K UHD resolution. Samsung’s cutting-edge intelligent UHD upscaling technology performs edge restoration and noise reduction to deliver UHD-level picture quality for control room’s use, even with lower resolution content.
  • High visibility at all times: UHD Signage delivers clear information 24/7, ensuring critical information is always visible. Using 10-bit processing, the displays are able to showcase a wider spectrum of colors up to a billion different shades — capturing subtle differences for flawless color expression.

Business monitor

Optimal productivity during extended work hours: Monitors are an important part of any control room. With ultrawide screen and high resolution, Samsung’s monitors can be used for extended periods of time, ensuring accurate and efficient work from all team members.

Ultra-wide: CRG9 / CJ89 / CJ79 series

  • A better way to multi-task: The ultra-wide screen supports a number of open windows without scroll or zoom, while eliminating the clutter and inconveniences of the traditional dual monitor setups. Multi-tasking features – PIP, PBP and Easy Setting Box – allows staffs to work on more documents and applications simultaneously.
  • Ultimate connectivity: Ultra-wide monitors let staffs multitask more efficiently, saving their desk space. USB Type-C ports transmit both power and data. The built-in KVM switch lets them control two computers connected to the monitor using just one keyboard and mouse.

High resolution: TU87F / T85F / UR55 / UR59C series

  • Detailed clarity: UHD monitors display crisp, clear images and text with much greater sharpness. So the staffs can enjoy higher readability with reduced eye strain in control room environments that require long work hours.
  • Multi-productive displays: PBP transforms a single monitor to a dual-view monitor by displaying content from two sources side by side on one screen. With PIP, staffs can see and organize multiple apps and programs exactly how they want to.
Control Room Display Solutions