Touchscreen Kiosk Solutions

The kiosk software solution we offer is an integral component of the comprehensive service package we deliver.

Custom Kiosk
Software Solution

Our team of in-house kiosk software developers is passionate about crafting customized applications, ranging from SMART ticketing systems, wayfinder kiosk, touch screen kiosk, self checkout kiosk, self service pos system, visitor management kiosk, outdoor touch screen kiosk and more. These solutions not only showcase stylish appeal but also exhibit functional depth and limitless capabilities.

Parking Solutions

Implementing intelligent parking guidance and advanced entrance/exit control systems can guarantee a smooth and effective parking experience, ensuring a continuous flow of vehicles and enhancing user satisfaction.

Self-service Kiosk Software

Uniconnect Systems has collaborated closely with our partner SilverRail to create a Rail Ticketing kiosk, positioning us as one of the leading contributors in this development.

Smart Ticketing Kiosk

Uniconnect has collaborated extensively with diverse customers, partners, and Passenger Transport Executives to achieve…

Council Payment Kiosk

Integrating a Uniconnect self-service kiosk machine significantly enhances the overall service delivered by Councils, simultaneously lowering transaction costs and…

Self-Checkout Kiosk

Uniconnect offers various self-service payment solutions tailored for different industries, encompassing Tourism, Retail, Council, NHS, and…

Fast Track Payment Kiosk

Uniconnect originally developed the Fast Track Payment kiosk to expedite passengers through security control at…

Prescription Payment Kiosk

Uniconnect has designed a dedicated prescription payment kiosk for the healthcare and pharmacy, enabling patients to make prescription payments during…

Translation Kiosk

As the significance of diversity and equality continues to grow in today’s environment, Uniconnect has been adept at offering inclusive solutions for the public sector…

Retail self-service ordering system

The importance of self-service and automated shopping experiences is on the rise, with retail kiosks becoming essential components of the in-store purchasing process…

Internet Kiosk

Securing and locking down your Internet Kiosk is of utmost importance.

Kiosk Software Security

At Uniconnect Systems, we understand the crucial role of secure kiosk software in safeguarding public-facing devices against hackers, unintended misuse, and unauthorized access. Beginning with the initial wrap-around secure browser and extending to internet walled gardens and firewalls, we prioritize security in the core of our kiosk application development. Our kiosk software is designed to thwart misuse by allowing the restriction of non-malicious users to predetermined activities. This ensures that the device is utilized for specific tasks, communication, or functions while maintaining a secure environment.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Uniconnect Systems provides a comprehensive array of online remote monitoring solutions for touchscreen kiosk machines. Our cutting-edge software not only furnishes usage statistics but also contributes to maintaining kiosk uptime through diagnostics. Our gap monitoring solution proactively notifies you of any issues, regardless of your location, sending alerts via email or SMS in case of errors. Additionally, we are committed to delivering industry-leading kiosk management services, featuring product modules like Remote Ping, At-a-Glance Events Management, Controlled Alerts, and Remote Re-boot.

Kiosk Application Peripherals

To assist businesses in tailoring a completely customized self-service solution to suit their specific needs, Uniconnect has designed a variety of kiosk peripherals that can be seamlessly integrated into any kiosk application. Among our most sought-after peripherals are RFID Readers, Biometric scanners, Thermal printers, and Card payment/contactless modules.

DDA Compliance

Our substantial experience in government and healthcare projects ensures that our kiosk software applications comprehensively align with all DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) requirements. Features such as readability, color-coding, user-adjustable volume control, user-adjustable zoom level, virtual touchpad, audio output, and text-to-speech capability can all be seamlessly integrated as part of the personalized service we offer.

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