Map Editor

We aim to give you the ability to use the editor’s professional indoor map maintenance capabilities, you can easily and quickly map map space elements, public facilities, path data drawing and modification, and select map theme styles, attribute data, icon resources Edit and manage.

Freely modify freely edited

By using the Hummingbird Cloud Map Editor to draw the panel’s drawing tools, you can quickly draw a variety of spatial graphics of the indoor map, whether it is a shop, a room, or a parking space, shelves, can be accurately drawn. You’ll find it easy to create an exclusive indoor map with the help of the Hummingbird Cloud Map Editor.

POI information point

An unprecedented way Drawing, managing POIs and icons

By using the POI drawing tool provided by the Hummingbird Cloud Map Editor icon panel, you can easily draw POI elements from the map scene. More importantly, you’ll have an extensible library of POI icons, you can use the rich icon resources we offer, and you can upload and manage your own icon library.

Are you ready to experience an easy and effective digital Wayfinding solution?

Theme map

Color matching, icons, textures tailored Adapt to different scenes

In the Hummingbird Cloud Map Editor, you only need to select any point line graphic to edit and manage the graphic style. You can also name and manage the color scheme and classification of the map in the theme management panel. I believe that through the practical functions of free styles, icons, and textures, you can easily customize the theme style that is true to the map scene.

Attribute data

Quickly maintain map attribute data sheets with dimensions of layers and elements

Through the Hummingbird Cloud Map Editor data surface board, you can easily edit and maintain the business attribute data behind the map layer and elements, so that the map display and retrieval can be synchronized in real time. Not only that, the Hummingbird Cloud Map Editor will provide unlimited data management to help you turn your map system into a visual window for business data aggregation.

Path and access facilities

Path free to draw and edit Positioning navigation planning tool

In the Hummingbird Cloud Map Editor, you can arbitrarily plan and edit the route lines in your map, and you can also draw traffic facilities such as elevators, escalators, stairs, etc., and control the arrival area of ​​the road calculation and navigation. Professional road network data production is no longer a difficult thing for you.

Map editor using help

To help you use the Hummingbird Cloud Map Editor more smoothly, we have prepared the map helper’s function help files and operation videos. You can get a glimpse of the simplicity and comprehensiveness of the Hummingbird Cloud Map Editor (click on the list to view the video).