Best Temperature self-check kiosks

Face Recognition Automatic temperature scanner kiosk For Identification Fever Person

Thermal Face Recognition Temperature screening machine

Multi-Sensor Infrared Touchless temperature screening kiosk

Passes high-precision infrared temperature detection and perfectly integrates intelligence such as faces, ID cards, etc. Functions such as access control, time attendance, etc., realize non-contact rapid detection, registration, and recording of human body temperature. It is widely used in office areas, hotels, aisles, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, communities, public services, and management projects place.

✅ Temperature

✅ Face recognition

✅ Auto alarm

✅ No contact

Key Features

  • Advanced algorithm of deep learning technology
  • 20,000 face local database, accuracy>99.97%, recognition speed<200ms
  • Dual eyes live detection, anti-image fraud, anti-video fraud
  • 8 inches IPS display
  • Auto temperature detection, auto display, auto alarm
  • Infrared and RGB double light compensation, support face recognition under weak light
  • Option: WIFI/4G communication
  • Support: Voice announcement
  • Working environment: -10℃~60℃

Product Parameter

Core system
OS: Linux
CPU:ARM Cortex A7
Internal storage 2GB,storage: 8GB
Face capacity: 20,000
Dimension:8 inches
Dual eyes camera:
RGB camera,6mm lens, 2 million pixels
Infrared camera,6mm lens, 2 million
1 USB port(preserved for
residence card reader)
1 RJ45 port 10M/100M Ethernet port
1 Wiegand 26/34 output
1 relay NO/NC output
Low consumption infrared
Option: ±0.1℃@30CM,
±0.3℃@50CM (default) ,
Power : DC12V 2A
Environment temperature:-10℃~60℃

Our Products.

Application Scenarios


Train station


Entertainment park

Residence community


A1- For mounting on the barrier gates

A2-For hanging on the pole of wall

L1- Standalone pole