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The educational field is not just a place to learn knowledge and skills, but a place where future hopes sprout. This means it is just as important to consider “how” as much as “what” should be taught. Uniconnect proposes an answer for this in the filed of education. This is an era where teachers and students are more familiar with digital displays than paper and blackboards. What kind of education is interesting and effective for growing sprouts? Experience the new future of education through Uniconnect’s Digital Leaning Solution.

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is an educational approach which applies technology to education to grant greater, better access to high-quality learning experiences. Liberated from spatial and time constraints, students receive support on various self-led procedures with digital devices which let them progress further.
Teachers can foster interactive environments especially with tools like CreateBoard. Through its screen sharing feature, students simultaneously put their heads together, its multi-touch and note-taking features unlock students' creativity. In group discussions, the intuitive touching and drawing functions of One:Quick Flex facilitate fluid discussions for students to share free-flowing ideas. The wheeled portability also allows students to participate from wherever. These are some of the many ways provides an effective channel for education, compatible with a range of IT devices including Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones. Students can attain quality education more easily through technology that allow handy access to resources as such.

Gamification Environments

Gamification is a learning strategy that instills motivation by making the learning process feel like a game, which benefits students' socialization and mental health.
Touch and draw functions, enticing visuals, instantaneousness, and handy usability that LG CreateBoard and LG One:Quick Flex offer enable students become better accustomed and responsive to the gamification process, maximizing concentration and organic engagement.
By interacting in such virtual realms, students grow keenly attuned to shifting socio-interpersonal dynamics that continuously impact the ever-evolving landscape of digitalization.

Flipped Learning

What if students took charge of their own learning from home, and utilized school time for individualized instruction? With a flipped classroom, teachers are free to use class time to work directly with students by overseeing collaboration, helping them with assignments, and more.
With Chromebook, students are introduced to video lessons and learning materials at home, and collaborative display tools like LG One:Quick Flex support review activities including peer-focused or instructor-led discussions at school. There's no reason to resort to old-fashioned, one-sided approaches when LG displays facilitate Adaptive and Asynchronous Learning by providing interactive, easily accessible materials. The flexibility boosts the accessibility of educational experiences, enabling people of varied environments and backgrounds to attend and engage.

Multi-purpose Halls

The Multi-purpose Hall, where students once sat through lectures, transforms into a memorable stage for unleashing creativity with wide range of digital solutions.
Provides a wide range of large size screen solutions such as Videowall, DV LED or Projector. The vast screens of
LED Bloc and projectors lay out immersive backdrops tailored to each stage setup. At varied levels of illuminance,
Brilliant LED technology allows optimal screen clarity, maximizing creative uses and versatility of the auditorium. Expand your creativity and passion, solidify teamwork, and unlock spirits of love, harmony, and unity — all are possible in supported auditoriums.

Comprehensive Management

How many displays does the IT Manager at your school control at once? And do they resolve problems at a satisfactory rate?
ConnectedCare DMS, a cloud service solution for remotely managing displays throughout a school campus, lets you turn devices on/off all at once, and spot faulty or malfunctioning devices easily.
The IT Manager can not only make instant fixes as needs arise, but also keep electricity usage under control by using power only when necessary, both of which ultimately reduce power usage in the long term. In case of urgent occasions like a fire outbreak or other natural disasters, warning alert messages can be distributed manually across the central system in order to guide teachers and students toward safety. Such levels of convenience and reliability are afforded by the multi-process technology of ConnectedCare DMS. * Up to 100 devices can be controlled via ConnectedCare DMS.

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