VWC2-HPro Hardware-based 4K Controller


To fulfill the growing demand for UHD visual experience, Uniconnect Systems launched the HPro series controller to deliver 4K/60Hz performance at 4:4:4. Same as other models, HPro is a hardware-based controller as well without compromising reliability. Supports embedded audio and capacity to work as a centralized controller make it outstanding within the industry.


  • Size: 3U; Description: 3U Chassis, up to 6x input cards, 2x output cards. Input: 6, Output: 2; PSUs: 1+0
  • Size:4U; Description: 4U Chassis, up to 8x input cards, 3x output cards. Input:8, Output: 3; PSUs: 1+1
  • Size:6U; Description: 6U Chassis, up to 14x input cards, 5x output cards. Input:14, Output: 5; PSUs: 1+1
  • Size:8U; Description: 8U Chassis, up to 15x input cards, 10x output cards. Input:15, Output:10; PSUs: 1+1
  • Size:14U; Description: 14U Chassis, up to 21x input cards, 18x output cards. Input:21, Output: 18; PSUs: 1+3
  • Size:26U Chassis, up to 42x input cards, 36x output cards. Input:42, Output: 36; PSUs: 1+3

Genuine 4K60 Experience

4k 60Hz processing at 4:4:4 to deliver 4K experience without any compromising.

With tailored GUI, Uniconnect Systems App and web-client allows operator to view the input source and video wall display in real time, and manage display through simple drag-and-drop operation.


Looking for Video Wall Controllers

Dual Control Cards

Auto switching backup, keep operating without any interruption. Keep running the current preset even both cards breaking down or swapped out.