Indoor Positioning

Customizes the precise positioning service solution for your usage scenarios, and helps you quickly complete technical docking, function development and project implementation.

iBeacon indoor positioning

The indoor positioning accuracy of iBeacon is about 3-5 meters. It is necessary to deploy low-power Bluetooth devices or Bluetooth base stations indoors. The device is small in size, short in distance, low in power consumption, and easy to deploy. Through the combination of iBeacon indoor positioning and indoor map, you can view real-time location, movement track, current status and other information of people and things, and realize management functions such as electronic fence, real-time warning, and data analysis.

Applicable scene: shopping center, transportation hub, meeting and exhibition, hospital

UWB indoor positioning

UWB ultra-wideband indoor positioning accuracy is about 0.1-0.5 meters, and the positioning accuracy is high. It is necessary to lay out professional base stations on site and coordinate with terminal equipment, usually portable devices such as wristbands and magnetic cards. Accurately locate personnel, vehicles, assets, and achieve trajectory tracking, inspection inspection, material inventory, regional alarm, camera linkage, etc. on the basis of positioning.

Applicable scene: factory, warehouse, nursing home, key unit visitor management, public service and office

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WiFi indoor positioning

The indoor positioning accuracy of the WiFi can reach 5-10 meters, which can be located by means of the WiFi hotspot signal in the place, and the possibility of radio frequency (RF) interference can be reduced.

Applicable scene: shopping mall, conference and exhibition, scenic spots and parks

LiFi indoor positioning

The positioning accuracy of LiFi visible light indoor is about 0.5-1 meters, the error is less than 10cm, the positioning is accurate, no maintenance is needed, and the security is high. However, when the light source is blocked, it cannot be positioned. It is necessary to install an LED light source that supports LiFi positioning indoors or to carry out the existing light source. Transformation.

Applicable scene: shopping center, transportation hub & parking lot, public service and office