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An evolutionary cloud platform unlocking the power, versatility and intelligence inside Philips professional displays

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PPDS Wave connects your entire fleets of Philips professional displays to your custom system integration software – putting you in full control with one simple to use cloud-based platform.

  • Simplify installation and display set up
  • Focus on innovation instead of compatibility
  • Manage, monitor, and control displays remotely
  • Update display software on demand
  • Be proactive instead of reactive to your customer needs

Discover seamless integration

User experience

Designed with system integrators for system integrators

Secure platform

AWS IoT Core, End-to-End encryption, 2-factor authentication, Infrastructure managed as Code (IaC)

API-first design

GraphQL Playground. All features accessible via API calls

Reap the benefits

From our powerful Android OS for blazing performance and versatile connectivity, to our API first functionality, this scalable solution with sandbox testing and simulations makes adding new software, hardware, and features a breeze. Keep reading...

Android platform

Powered by Android, PPDS Wave delivers infinite possibilities for better business. Create truly unique AV solutions with the millions of available apps from the Google Play store or easily develop and deploy your own custom applications. With Android OS, you’ll have the perfect mix of blazing performance, versatile connectivity, and advanced security to put you ahead of the rest.


PPDS Wave brings your ideas to life with its API-first functionality. Using this approach in software design, we’ve created an ecosystem that is modular, extensible, and reusable – enabling new features to be developed and deployed efficiently. With seamless integration of third-party software, PPDS Wave unifies your custom CMS and latest innovations with best-in-class hardware.

Scalable solution

A future-proof design makes adding new software, hardware, and features a breeze. With the intuitive interface of PPDS Wave, you can deploy new updates and set up extra devices remotely over the cloud. Better still, PPDS Wave also enables the continuous developments of features and bulk action updates to significantly save time while keeping costs down.

Sandbox testing and simulations

Get it right every time. With sandbox testing included, PPDS Wave allows you to run comprehensive simulations of your software, hardware, and cloud solutions. That means smoother professional rollouts with bulletproof results. Device management and monitoring also provide an in-depth look at each display to ensure zero faults on site.

More functions

Versatile app compatibility

Custom app integration

Reliable updates

Cloud-based platform

Flexible hardware connectivity

Enhanced monitoring and control

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Your questions, answered


Our PPDS Wave Getting Started Guide will have you up and running in no time. Simply use your PPDS Wave log-in details to enter. The developer section includes a GraphQL playground where you can test API calls. You can generate a personal API key by clicking settings and selecting ‘Add API key’.

Unlike more general Android management applications, PPDS Wave is designed to support the unique features of Philips Professional Displays including taking screen shots, locking keys, standby scheduling, and so much more.

Yes. PPDS Wave works with most applications. If you experience any issues, please contact support.

PPDS Wave is completely scalable. This state-of-the-art platform can support hundreds of thousands of displays—allowing you to add as many users, customer accounts, and displays as you like.

PPDS Wave will be launched in May during ISE 2022, and will support all digital signage SoC displays with Android 7 and above. Displays already in the field can be upgraded with the agent and/or firmware to support all features. Firmware must include SICP version 2.05 and above.

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