A powerful and intuitive content management solution MagicINFO


Featuring the ability to create, manage, monitor, and
schedule media content on your display

A smart, intuitive content creation and management solution for your digital signage, MagicInfo offers a suite of creative tools that are built to facilitate content creation and display management, regardless of browser, device or OS, such as Android, Windows or Chrome. Discover a range of functionality, from creating eye-catching digital signage to designing and managing a complex, interactive multimedia display system.

Utilize any content source at your disposal

Or Create Through Use of MagicINFO Author

Deploy Content to Your Displays Anywhere

Content Will Directly Appear in Your Displays

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Key Features


Web-based Management Solution

Integrated player

No need for an external PC or media player

Remote H/W control

Display turns on & turn off remotely

Content Editor

Content editing tools are fully integrated


Various ready-made templates are available at no cost


Schedule and publish your messages in any way you wish


Easy integration with your existing database


A single dashboard for quick notification


Analyze your data to unlock actionable statistics

Deploy globally

Operate your content in any location

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Tailor to Any Screen Size, Any Model

Whether you are looking to utilize landscape or portrait, or a single screen or a multi-screen display wall, the choice is yours to decide what’s best for your display environment . A range of hardware options can be accommodated at the user’s disposal, including horizontal, vertical single screens, videowalls and a customized size for LED. Need a quick content creation for your digital signage? Web Author has been engineered to be fully compatible and is ready and waiting inside MagicInfo Server for users to create a basic foundation of content that can be distributed instantly, while the dedicated Author (Premium Author and Video Wall Author) is available for those who wish to create more advanced content.

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Deploy Diverse Content in Dynamic Formats

Make the most of your own media content by uploading multimedia that be quickly configured for scheduling and publishing to digital signage, backed by dedicated content support. Key widgets for weather and clock configuration can also be added for further customization of displays.

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Discover The Ease Of Creation Though Utilizing A Variety Of Templates And Assets

Accelerate the learning curve for discovering how to effectively author content through the simple approach of using drag & drop. Be able to create design content with ease by using pre-built templates, design elements, and by making effective use of decorative icons, known as Stamps and Stickers, which allow you to quickly and easily adapt promotions and prices.

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Reduce Your Costs With Our System On Chip Technology (SoC)

MagicInfo S can be run off the display’s embedded System-on-Chip processor, which comes equipped with a CPU, flash disk memory (FDM) storage, a graphic engine, and double data rate (DDR) memory. This reduces hardware costs for small systems playing complex, memory intensive media by eliminating the need for an additional PC or media player.

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Streamlined Scheduling That Works On Your Time

Have your compelling content primed and ready to go at a time of your choosing, through Event Scheduling functionality that can be set according to hour, day, week and month. In addition to timing, determine how you want content to be published and if through a preferred format, layout or playlist, all through the use of drag-and-drop and simple navigational prompts.

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A Web-based Solution To Be Accessed Wherever You Are

Any display in your network can now be managed remotely once web access is enabled. Convenience and flexibility is further underscored as administrators can connect with MagicInfo Server directly through their web browser. Using the web-based server, a manager can conduct all digital signage infrastructure management tasks, ranging from managing displays and content to analyzing audience measurement data.

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Operate A Diversity Of Displays Through A Single, Unified Server

The real power within Samsung MagicINFO Server lies with its ability to provide multiple network-based solutions for displays that are situated in different settings, whether on-site or off-site. As an end-to-end manufacturer of both hardware and software, Samsung can also innovate further than the competition, such as attaining a level of compatibility for MagicINFO Server that allows to seamlessly operate across standalone displays, video wall displays, semi-outdoor, outdoor displays and more. That same innovation appears in the form of an effective remote controller that can turn on/off displays, conduct or schedule remote maintenance tasks and install updates without impeding display performance.

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A Comprehensive Monitoring Dashboard That Comes Complete With Statistics Functionality

Monitoring dashboard: Concerned you may be overlooking anything? The monitoring dashboard that comes included gives you a real-time overview of the status of each device connected to your MagicInfo server network. Statistics functions: Is your data managing you or are you managing your data? Users can perform analysis and obtain insights, as statistics functions related to devices (error occurrence, connection status), contents (play frequency, content type), and audience (gender, age) are provided.

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