Upgrade Your Studio With Industry-Leading Broadcasting Display Technology

Broadcasting Display Solutions

Broadcasting has undergone major changes in recent years. With never-ending demand for instant updates and audiences tuning in on new devices, broadcasters are expected to deliver engaging content without delay.

Samsung’s impressive range of broadcast products ensures from the studio to the editing room, teams have the tools to deliver a premier quality production. Whatever your needs, Samsung’s line-up of professional displays for broadcast is the solution.

Samsung Broadcasting Solutions
Samsung Broadcasting Solutions


No part of a broadcast is more important to the viewer than the studio. Ensure your viewers are captivated and engaged with industry leading visual technology, unique custom design and accurate color presentation available from Samsung’s studio visual display offerings.

Indoor LED Signage: The Wall

  • Black Seal & Ultra Chroma technology: The Wall helps broadcasters find the ideal color presentation. Black Seal technology showcases unparalleled contrast and im-maculate detail. Ultra Chroma technology produces vibrant and natural colors. The Wall’s narrower wavelength of color results in higher color purity, approximately twice that of conventional LEDs.
  • Quantum HDR technology: The Wall renders true-to-life imagery optimized for broadcasting. Advanced HDR technologies, including LED HDR and HDR10+ support, optimize picture quality, while an extremely accurate grayscale expression allows for more precise and natural imagery.

Indoor LED Signage: IF series

  • Customized color presentation: Detailed color management functionalities allow IF series us-ers to select, store and deploy the RGB color gamut shades that best fi t their own color standards and content requirements. This helps broadcasters quickly deploy content at high clarity across multiple screens
  • Reinforce accurate low grayscale color expression: A unique grayscale management algorithm helps the IF series deliver consistent red, green and blue hues without distortion, even in low grayscale settings. This ensures optimal and un-interrupted picture quality in broadcast studio environments.
Samsung Broadcasting Solutions


Are you ready to experience an easy and effective Broadcasting Display Solutions?

Control Room

A fully-functioning, reliable control center is critical to ensure efficiencies when broadcasting content to large audiences. From fine tuning to displaying uninterrupted content, Samsung allows broadcasters to maximize the viewing experience 24/7.

Video Wall Display: UHF, VMR-U, UDE series

  • Fine-tune factory calibration: Samsung’s multi-step factory calibration process tunes video wall displays to the optimal uniform brightness and color across multiple displays to fi t any broadcaster application or environ-ment. Every video wall display presents fine-tuned picture quality whether used as a single display or as multiple screens.
  • Long-term performance: To provide consistent display clarity and uninterrupted content in any operational environment, Samsung’s video wall panels undergo rigorous performance testing. Samsung’s superior panel prevents screen darkening, light leakage or any deterio- ration, ensuring long-term delivery of brilliant content.

QLED 8K Signage: QPR-8K series

  • Real 8K resolution: Samsung QLED 8K offers super high resolution with more than 33 million pixels, 4 times higher than 4K UHD content and 16 times higher than FHD. Content creators have a more accurate view and greater control of images through editing tools for multiple videos and projects at once.
  • 8K AI upscaling: Samsung QLED’s Quantum Processor 8K uses AI-powered machine learning to compare data from millions of images to reduce noise and refi ne details, delivering improved resolution. With AI-powered upscaling, content creators can preview details more precisely before delivering to audiences.
Samsung Broadcasting Solutions
Samsung Broadcasting Solutions


Capture audience imagination with real-time content: Digital signage is now critical to creating an impactful experience at live events. Audiences expect content that enhances each performance and provide crystal clear images from any location in the venue, indoor or outdoor, offering a memorable experience. Also checkout our Emergency Messaging Display Sign

Editing Room

Optimum content delivery with full editing capabilities: The editing room is an integral part of the broadcast process, ensuring that only the best content is delivered to audiences. Samsung’s UHD signage and ultra-wide, high resolution monitors allow content creators and editors to see the whole image and edit effi ciently.

Samsung Broadcasting Solutions

Calibration Solution

Precise and refined picture quality: Samsung’s leading calibration tools, Color Expert LED and Color Expert Pro offer full criteria customization and color calibration. Additionally, mobile calibration option offers a simplifi ed tuning process. With uniformity down to the pixel-level, colors and visuals are presented exactly as intended.