LPR Parking System

License Plate Recognition System

The License plate recognition display can display license plate, amount, balance, Chinese character information and voice prompt, etc. It adopts two-line vertical screen display, and is widely used in the fee display of toll collection system such as high grade highway toll station and parking lot.

LPR Parking System Parking Control Automatic Vehicle License Plate Recognition System Features:

1. Box: Adopt full seal dust-proof and waterproof structure, material is 1.2mm sheet, frame is black baking paint, back cover is agate black, whole material, NC bending forming, surface anti-aging and corrosion resistance, dispaly surface is toughened glass material, Internal brown film, external screen printing white word. Column mounting, camera support designed with universal clip, angle adjustable.
2. Display device: High brightness patch two-color LED luminous device, digital and character visual distance more than 30 meters. It contains 16384 chinese characters and characters.
3. Ethernet communication interface 10 M / 100 M adaptive, lightning protection design, can be used in various application enviroments. 4.2 million pixel high-definition license plate recognition camera.


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Wireless parking lot Sensor Vehicle Detector Magnetic Parking Space Sensor

With the help of wireless microwave radar and magnet as well as advanced algorithms, the accuracy of estimating parking space situation of this product is upto 98%. It is strongly resistant to interference which is caused by underground transportation, manhole cover, base station, or even awning made of awning bracket. It can be easily installed beacuse it can be buried straightl under the ground without wiring. It is small in ize and can hardly cause damage to the ground. its sturdy casing id resistant to vehicle weight and corruption and expand the prodcut service life. With a protection grade of IP68, it can be securely used in ay harsh outdoor enviroment.