Projection Video Mapping Solution

Augment your Space, with video mapping.

Easy Projection Mapping Software & Solutions

UCSignage is the easiest projection mapping and media server software on the market.

Projection mapping is nothing short of magic: this technique creates the optical illusion of animations, images, and 3D effects on any building, object, or even landmark. Playing with light and design through projection mapping can convert all surfaces into a canvas and create a jaw-dropping immersive experience for an audience. Our AV Alliance members have countless of outstanding projection mapping jobs under their belts, and our technology partners have the best equipment to bring your mapping project to life.


✅ Easy to Setup

✅ Crop and mask in realtime

✅ Multiple Projectors

✅ Remote Control


Projection Video Mapping Software Features

  • Create your mapping in 5 minutes
  • Extend your scenario with Multiple Projectors
  • Every common image or video format is supported
  • Control your players from another PC or an iPad
  • Live sources in your projection mapping.
  • Mapping for indoor and outdoor events and venues
  • Quality projection mapping equipment
  • Unique canvasses, unforgettable experiences

Why projection mapping?

Projection mapping is a 3D video projection technique using light and colors to project virtual images on irregular shapes and non-flat surfaces like industrial sites, public buildings, city landmarks… Everything is a blank canvas. With projection mapping you can make anything completely change color, texture and shape.

On the streets or inside, for big or small projects, permanent setups or temporary events… Bring your story to life with projected images in the most dynamic way and create memorable experiences.

Application Scenarios


Live events


Theme parks