Smart Retail Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Solution

Lead The Transformation to New Retail Mode with Electronic Shelf Label

Electronic Shelf Labels Displays Solutions

Electronic Shelf Labels for Walmart, Target and Supermarkets

The Uniconnect Systems Solutions fits perfectly all retail stores with premium electronic shelf labels (ESLs) and a cloud-based software. The Uniconnect Systems Cloud platform allows retailers to manage instantaneous price updates, promotion launches, shelf monitoring to guarantee a better in-store efficiency. At the same time, we enables an enhanced in-store shopping experience through rich content labels, customer activations and fast check-outs.


✅ Reduces Cost

✅ Improves Brand Image

✅ Centralized Management

✅ Real-time Dynamic Pricing


Electronic Shelf Label(ESL) Display Features

  • Electronic Shelf Labels WiFi support
  • High hardness protective cover
  • Multilingual editable template
  • EPD HD E-ink screen
  • 9 sizes available
  • Anti-collision \ dust \ waterproof
  • Wide temperature -20′ C – 40′ C
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Shock resistance is up tp 323.4 kg m/s2

Electronic shelf label Specifications


A complete electronic shelf label system consists of 4 main components: server, base station, electronic shelf label and mobile terminal.

  • Slim design
  • Super tough crash-proof protective cover for the display
  • In-mould barcode label for long-lasting use
  • 7 colors LED
  • Super tough crash-proof protective cover for the display
  • In-mould barcode label for long-lasting use
  • IP 67 waterproof
  • Work in -20℃ low temperature environment
  • lithium battery for longer endurance
  • Dimension(mm): 53.5*38.8*15 /2.1*1.53*0.59inch
  • Weight: 26 g
  • Temperature: from + 0 C° to + 40 C° Updating time: up to 21.000 labels per hour
  • Ingress protection grade: IP53
  • LED indicator: none
  • Technology: e-ink bi-stable graphic
  • Active display area (mm): 26.9×26.9mm/1.54inch
  • Resolution: 200 × 200 pixel
  • DPI: 183
  • Pixel colors: BW/BWR/BWY
  • Visual angle: > 170°
  • Battery: CR2450*2ea
  • Battery capacity: 750mAh
  • Battery life: 5-10 years (2-4 updates per day)
  • Battery is removable: YES

Application Scenarios



Traditional Chain

Department Store

Fresh Food Supermarket


Digital Product Store


Pharmacy Store