Point Of Sale

Build your digital signage network to connect with virtually any source including your point-of-sale system.

This will give you a POS signage solution that is smart and convenient for your up-to-the minute needs.
  • Instantly update and remotely control promotions and messaging inside the store. You can customize with easy to use templates and content creation tools
  • Change signage by location on as many devices in the store, in the chain, automatically.
  • Update the menu board pricing directly from the POS system. This way price changes happen instantly and automatically
  • Add kiosks so customers can check the product stock and place orders directly in different location in the store
  • Put signage in your shop’s dressing room to show buyers different color choices and boost customers to add accessories.
  • Automatic updates on the product list as the inventory changes. This removes promotions when the stocks run out.
  • Change messages automatically for product offers based on the time of day or even the gender and age of the customer viewing the signage.
  • Make your messages ENGAGING and customize it to target and change your customer’s behaviors. Apply these advanced analytics to make more sales.

Are you ready to experience an easy and effective digital signage solution?