HMX2-E 4K60 Hybrid Matrix Switcher


  • 4K60 4:4:4 processing, up to 160x 160
  • Seamless switching without black intervals
  • Built-in video wall capabilities
  • Embedded and de-embedded audio switching supported


  • DB-HMX2-E-FR2 2U 2U Chassis, up to 4x input cards, 4x output cards. 4 4 1 1+0
  • DB-HMX2-E-FR4 4U 4U Chassis, up to 9x input cards, 9x output cards. 9 9 1 1+0
  • DB-HMX2-E-FR9 9U 9U Chassis, up to 18x input cards, 18x output cards. 18 18 1 1+1
  • DB-HMX2-E-FR19 19U 19U Chassis, up to 40x input cards, 40x output cards. 40 40 1 1+3
  • DB-HMX2-E-FR34 34U 34U Chassis, up to 80x input cards, 80x output cards. 80 80 1 1+3

4K seamless switching

HMX2-E delivers seamless switching experience of 4K60 sources without any black intervals for quality presentations.


Looking for Video Wall Controllers

Self-adjusted resolution

The HMX2-E will auto adjust output resolution to best fit display device when switching difference sources. It offers the flexibility for applications requiring multiple display devices.