VWC2-M4 Hardware-Based FHD Controller


VWC2-M4 Series is hardware based FHD video wall controller. Flexible video wall displays and high reliability ensures it the best-fit solutions for mission critical applications.


  • Size: 3U; Description: 3U Chassis, up to 6x input cards, 2x output cards. Input: 6, Output: 2; PSUs: 1+0
  • Size:4U; Description: 4U Chassis, up to 8x input cards, 3x output cards. Input:8, Output: 3; PSUs: 1+1
  • Size:6U; Description: 6U Chassis, up to 14x input cards, 5x output cards. Input:14, Output: 5; PSUs: 1+1
  • Size:8U; Description: 8U Chassis, up to 15x input cards, 10x output cards. Input:15, Output:10; PSUs: 1+1
  • Size:14U; Description: 14U Chassis, up to 21x input cards, 18x output cards. Input:21, Output: 18; PSUs: 1+3
  • Size:26U Chassis, up to 42x input cards, 36x output cards. Input:42, Output: 36; PSUs: 1+3

Live Preview

With tailored GUI, Uniconnect Systems App and web-client allows operator to view the input source and video wall display in real time, and manage display through simple drag-and-drop operation.


Looking for Video Wall Controllers

Compatible with CCTV

Supports arbitrary layering, zooming in/out, stretching and picture in picture Compatible with IPC camera to display stream directly to video wall.