Drive-thru Systems for Restaurants

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Our Drive-Thru Systems for Restaurants is an extremely versatile drive-thru system with Drive thru menu boards. It can be customized by choosing any size, color, and panel combination. Call Us.

If you run a restaurant and are curious about maximizing your pandemic revenue with a drive-thru ordering system, we’re giving you the tools you need to make this possible.

  • Drive-thrus are all about convenience.
  • Restaurant drive-thrus increase capacity
  • Drive-thru ordering systems are pandemic-friendly

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Drive-thru Systems for Restaurants
drive-thru menu board speaker

Drive-thru Menu Boards Benefits

With drive-thru menu boards, customers are saved from coming into contact with the dining premises since they are seated in their car itself.

  • Add Another Way To Cover Diners On-The-Go
  • Restaurant drive-thrus increase capacity
  • Easy to update as and when needed
  • Cost-effective since they are a one time investment
  • Easy to update as and when needed
  • Cloud-based CMS and data update
  • Weather proof display best for outdoor

Reduce wait time with pre-sell outdoor menu boards

Reduce wait time by helping your customers make quicker decisions with pre-sell outdoor menu boards and digital drive-thru menu board. Easily feature combo meals and specials with stand-alone vertical pre-sell boards featuring either graphics or wordstrips, depending on your needs. Choose from stock food and beverage images or add custom graphics for our two-, three-, four- and six-panel pre-sell boards. Send us your menu to get started!

Your outdoor displays for your drive-thru represent your brand and the feeling you deliver to all potential customers. As a business owner, you would want your business to be associated with forward-thinking and up-to-date with the market trend. Therefore, having eye-catching drive-thru digital screens is essential for QSR businesses.

Designed to withstand weather and the tests of time, digital menu boards for drive thrus are built to last, and their visibility is a top priority for developers and manufacturers. Digital menus are designed to offer easy day or night viewing, making them an attractive choice for any QSR in operation, rain or shine.

Drive-thru Systems for Restaurants Singapore

Are you ready to experience an easy and effective digital drive thru menu boards?