Hospitality TV solutions and Smart
Displays specifically for Hotels.

Impress your guests and streamline maintenance with cutting-edge TVs meticulously crafted for the hotel industry.

Our commercial hospitality TVs: perfectly tailored to meet your needs

The omnipresence of screens in our hyperconnected world directly influences your guests’ expectations regarding viewing comfort and advanced features. In essence, modern TVs have become essential in every hotels. Fulfill this expectation effortlessly with commercial TVs requiring minimal device management, ensuring maximum guest satisfaction.


Commercial TVs are engineered to endure years of continuous usage with modern technology to help create wonderful guest experiences.


Guest connection data and viewing history are wiped clean after each guest’s stay. Feel free to inquire about our smart TV security protocols from our team.

Easy to Program

Programming and settings can seamlessly transfer from one TV to another without any need for employee intervention.

Simple to Manage

Commercial hospitality TVs offer restricted access to settings and channels, ensuring streamlined management.

Adaptable & Scalable

Tailor the colors, home screen, start-up channel, and various other settings to suit each hotel’s unique identity and needs.


Our hotel displays come with a 2- to 3-year commercial warranty covering both parts and labor.

An unparalleled experience enhanced by cutting-edge screens

Television sets significantly influence your guests’ overall experience. Why not offer them refined, state-of-the-art entertainment products guaranteed to create a lasting impression from the start?

Entrance and Lobby Display

From arrival to departure, and everywhere in between, Uniconnect Systems’ innovative display technologies provide guests with a modern, integrated, and engaging experience, elevating their journey to unforgettable heights.

Hospitality Solutions

Luxury Smart TVs for Hotel Rooms

Experience unparalleled room entertainment in both luxurious suites and standard accommodations with our range of Smart TVs. Offering captivating and immersive viewing experiences, our TVs elevate guest comfort with elegant design and crystal-clear resolution, transforming any stay into an exceptional hotel experience.

Gymside TV Solutions for Hotels

Elevate your hotel’s fitness center with strategically positioned TVs and displays. Inspire your guests during their workouts with commercial-grade TVs featuring modern, sleek screens and sophisticated design.

Hotel Restaurant TVs

The dining experience at your hotel is vital, relying on great food and comfortable surroundings. Enhance mealtime enjoyment for your guests with the latest commercial TV models available.

Commercial TVs designed to suit requirements of your hotel