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Touchless touch screen technology for your

Contactless Touchscreen Solutions

The technology uses a combination of artificial intelligence and sensor technology to predict a user’s intended target on touchscreens and other interactive displays or control panels, selecting the correct item before the user’s hand reaches the display. AI-based ‘no-touch touchscreen’ could reduce the risk of pathogen spread from surfaces.

How Does Digital Signage Works?

Digital signage is a combination of software which includes CMS and hardware like display and media player. The signage network can be centralised that means a company can have multiple displays located at the various location like for way finding, feedback and information systems which can be managed from a central location.

Digital Signage v/s Traditional Signage

Digital signage is future of communications and advertising which allows brands to go beyond borders to reach their potential customers and audiences. It offers a variety of benefits over traditional medium in terms of effectively and cost. In the traditional medium, if you want one ad or communication message to roll out at multiple sites, you need to spend on logistics cost as well. In terms of effectively is much more impacted, it supports all visual and digital medium which is the latest trend and gets registered in the mind of customers easily. Also, it allows brand to be more creative and flexible in communications.

Why Uniconnect Systems Digital Signage

Uniconnect Systems is leading provider which offers and array of services in terms of software, hardware and content. We are known for the innovative solution and our abilities to offer customised solution to the consumers as required.

We are technology one step ahead and offers flexibility to customers to choose their platform for digital signage. Along with proven and tested software which is preferred by industry leaders, we also provide content services making it easier for our clients to create world-class campaigns.

Our Works.

Samsung MagicInfo ™

Featuring the ability to create, manage, monitor, and schedule media content on your display.

A smart, intuitive content creation and management solution for your digital signage, MagicInfo offers a suite of creative tools that are built to facilitate content creation and display management, regardless of browser, device or OS, such as Android, Windows or Chrome. Discover a range of functionality, from creating eye-catching digital signage to designing and managing a complex, interactive multimedia display system.


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